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Decoding Authenticity: How to Spot Fake Bape STA Shoes in 2023

Decoding Authenticity: Spotting Fake Bape STA Shoes

Bape STA shoes have gained tremendous popularity among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. However, the surge in demand has led to an influx of counterfeit versions flooding the market. If you're considering purchasing these shoes, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the telltale signs of authenticity to avoid the embarrassment of ending up with a counterfeit pair.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll compare an authentic pair with two market replicas, labeled Version A and Version B, highlighting the distinct differences between them. So let's dive right in and explore the details.

1. Side Profile Comparison:

The shape of the Bape Sta patent black shoes plays a significant role in its appeal.
Version A: The overall shape appears flatter.
Version B: The shoe tilts backward.


2. Toe Comparison:

Pay attention to the Bape Sta patent black shoes shape and size of the perforations.
Version A: The toe perforations are noticeably smaller, lacking curvature, resulting in a linear arrangement.
Version B: The top of the toe is too angular.


3. Lace Buckle Comparison:

Examine the shape of the ape's face on the buckle.
Note: Due to the intricacies of metal carving, minor variations are common even in authentic pairs, falling within the acceptable tolerance range.
Version A and Version B: The differences are significant, resembling an entirely different ape.


4. Lace Comparison:

Observe the color variation under consistent lighting and the texture.
Version A: The white color appears slightly reddish under the same lighting, and the texture is coarse.
Version B: The lace seems completely different, lacking resemblance to the authentic version.


5. Tongue Label Comparison:

Examine the shape of the star and the font.
Version A: The font and star shape appear flattened.
Version B: It comes close to the authentic version but tilts slightly to the left.


6. Collar Comparison:

Pay attention to the Bape Sta patent black shoes texture of the leather, a detail often overlooked since it's less visible when wearing the shoes.
Version A and Version B: Both replicas exhibit noticeable color and texture differences compared to the authentic pair, with inaccurately replicated leather textures.


7. Heel Comparison:

Analyze the shape of the heel, including the font and star shape.
Version A: The heel appears too narrow compared to the authentic pair, and the font and star shape are slightly distorted.
Version B: The heel is slightly wider, and the angle between the star and the letter "B" is incorrect.


8. Lace Hole Metal Accents Comparison:

Observe the differences in font style. Note that the placement of the letters can vary as it is not fixed during the attachment of the circular metal piece. Authentic pairs may also exhibit variations where the letters on the metal accents are completely misaligned.
Version A: What is going on with this one?
Version B: The font differs significantly from the authentic version.


9. Side Star Comparison:

The stars on the authentic Bape Sta patent black shoes pair are slightly tilted.
Version A: The star appears bloated.
Version B: The stars lack the same tilt as the authentic pair.


10. Side Ape Comparison:

Take a close look at the images provided, as the differences in the market replicas are evident. 


11. Side Letter Comparison:

The horizontal line in the letter "E" should be almost equal in length to the upper and lower lines.
Version A: The letter "E" appears inclined.
Version B: The horizontal line in the letter "E" is shorter than the upper and lower lines.


12. Outsole Comparison:

As always, pay attention to Bape Sta patent black shoes color variations.
By carefully examining the 12 key details highlighted above, you can confidently discern between authentic Bape STA shoes and their counterfeit counterparts. We appreciate your continued support and viewership. If you have any further questions please contact team, and on you can buy the best quality replica pair, but if you want to pay for real one, please go to StockX.


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