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  1. Palm Angels Founder's Vision and Background:

    • Francesco Ragazzi, the founder of Palm Angels, started as a photographer with a passion for capturing skateboarding and street culture.
    • His vision was to create a brand reflecting the raw and rebellious energy of the streets.
  2. Celebrity Endorsement:

    • Palm Angels Worn by celebrities like Messi and Louis Tomlinson, Palm Angels hoodie and t-shirt gained visibility and popularity, contributing to its success.
  3. Hype and Streetwear Community:

    • Palm Angels hoodie reps leverages the concept of "hype" in streetwear, using factors like limited availability, exclusivity, and unique design to create anticipation and excitement.
    • The Palm Angels Hoodie reps brand effectively utilizes social media to showcase limited edition releases and collaborations, contributing to its popularity.
  4. Marketing and Collaboration Efforts:

    • The success of Palm Angels hoodie reps is attributed to collaboration efforts, unique aesthetic, and marketing strategies.
    • Limited edition releases and collaborations generate high demand, and the brand has consistency in maintaining quality.
  5. Market Presence and Pricing:

    • The anticipation for Palm Angels' new collections drives prices up, both on the official site and retail platforms like StockX.
    • The brand's success is a combination of factors, including the founder's vision, unique aesthetic, celebrity endorsements, marketing, and its ability to generate hype within the streetwear community.

How to Legit Check Palm Angels?
  1. Palm Angels CertiLogo Authentication:

    • Palm Angels has introduced the CertiLogo to help authenticate genuine items, starting around last year.
    • The CertiLogo is specific to each individual item and cannot be copied by counterfeiters to falsely claim an item is genuine.
    • Counterfeiters have, however, successfully faked the CertiLogo, but they cannot manipulate it to indicate an item is authentic.
  2. Checking Genuine Palm Angels Items:

    • Having the CertiLogo is crucial, but its number behind it is private and shouldn't be shared, as excessive sharing may trigger anomalies in the system.
    • To check authenticity, visit the official 30 Logo website, input the CertiLogo number, and upload a photo of the 30 Logo tag.
    • The AI-based CertiLogo system quickly verifies authenticity, confirming whether the item is genuine or not.
  3. Quality Checks:

    • Genuine Palm Angels items often have a rubberized and slightly raised label, whereas fake ones may lack quality, break easily, and not have a raised feel.
    • Check the label for a double-sided card with a gold strip, quality leather cord, and a silky smooth texture. The inside should have a high-quality, honeycomb-like cotton feel.
  4. Additional Tips:

    • Counterfeits of Palm Angels come in various qualities and are manufactured in different places, leading to diverse fake versions.
    • Quality issues may arise in the counterfeit items, such as poor print, lack of fine details, and overall inferior craftsmanship.
  5. Useful Resources:

    • The presenter provides additional resources in the video description, including a link to a video explaining how to get a 20% discount on various brands, including Palm Angels.
    • Another link directs viewers to a website showcasing authentic and trusted online stockists for genuine Palm Angels products.