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How should guys style a Hellstar shirt in 2024 to look cool and comfortable?

How should guys style a Hellstar shirt in 2024 to look cool and comfortable? Pay attention to these 3 tips

As the brand Hellstar skyrockets in popularity in 2024, more and more guys are starting to try out this new streetwear sensation, attracted by the unique style of Hellstar. But this brings up a question, how should one style Hellstar? No one wants their style to be considered "uncool" or outdated! Even though guys are becoming more fashion-conscious, lacking styling skills can be a major setback. Many guys have cool clothes but end up mismatching them, resulting in looks that are unattractive and uncomfortable. So, how can guys style themselves to look more handsome and feel comfortable? Pay attention to these 3 tips to avoid fashion pitfalls!

Tip1: Choose Well-Fitted Pants

Many guys overlook the importance of pants when styling, but pants really do affect the comfort and harmony of an outfit.

Key Points: First, choose pants that fit well according to your body type. Both too loose or too tight can affect comfort; secondly, different styles require different types of pants. If you usually wear Nike or other sport brands, then coordinating with corresponding sport pants is the best choice due to their moisture-wicking properties. However, since Hellstar shirts primarily feature a vintage and distressed style, pairing with sporty pants might not always match. In this case, we recommend pairing with Amiri or Purple Jeans, which are also very popular brands in 2024. As for the specific cut, it's all about personal preference.

Tip 2: Pay Attention to Color Coordination

Many guys like the "all black" look which is foolproof but can be too monotonous and lack personality.

Key Points: Since Hellstar shirts are quite distinctive, often with flame or punk elements, you can add some color to your outfit. Of course, this doesn't mean piling on every color, but creating reasonable points of color coordination. Matching the color of the top with socks, the socks with the print of the shirt's logo, the shirt with the shoes, the pants with the hat... these are all great ways to coordinate colors so the whole outfit looks harmonious, not mismatched. But remember: don't have more than 3 colors on your outfit, or it can be too overwhelming.

Tip 3: Try Out the 2024 Dirty Fits for a Bolder Look

On various social media platforms both at home and abroad, more and more fashion-forward individuals are embracing 'dirty' clothing styles. This style, known as Dirty Fit, seems to have taken over the fashion trend pages overnight, with all sorts of brands and categories racing to feature 'dirtiness'. For example, BALENCIAGA's Spring/Summer 2023 apocalyptic mud pit show is definitely one of the hallmark events that kicked off the Dirty Fit trend. Not only the muddy and puddle-filled environment of the runway, but the clothing and shoes of the season also achieved a peculiar visual effect with extreme mud-dyeing and dirty treatments. When styling a Hellstar shirt, we can also choose dirty fit pants, like those from Balenciaga or Gallery Dept, to create a very harmonious look.